Premier Concepts is situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia approximately 70km north of Sydney.
The Company was formed in 1994 to provide computer consulting services to companies in the PICK market-place.

With over 30 years experience in all aspects of PICK operating systems from design, development, installation, training and support of PICK and PICK-like systems.
These include:
  • Unidata
  • Universe
  • Advanced Pick/D3 and R83
  • UniObjects

Also extensive experience with SB+ and System Builder gained over numerous years consulting at companies such as:
  • Masterpack International, formally McNamee Sutton and Partners
  • Nutri-Metics International
  • Dataflow Computer Services
  • Computer Management Services
  • Evolution Software
  • Corporate Express
  • Cellarmaster Wines

SB+ Application Development and support
Extensive experience developing and supporting applications utilizing the 4th generation language SB+

3GL Coding experience
Also extensive experience developing and supporting applications written primarily in 3GL coding.

Manufacturing/Distribution experience
Extensive experience developing and supporting large PICK Manufacturing and Distribution applications such as Masterpack, Avante, DISTRIB and Beacon.

For more information contact:
David Perry -